Q: How can I buy tickets to a Legacy Concerts event?

A: You can purchase tickets to all concerts at legacyconcerts.co and/or SEETICKETS.US and you can also purchase tickets from local artists on specific shows that allow local openers.

Q: Can I buy tickets at the door on the day of the show?

A: Each venue has its own policies regarding tickets purchased at the door. As long as the show is not sold out, there will be tickets at the door. Most venues accept all forms of payment – but all accept cash. We recommend checking the specific venue website if you have any questions – and when in doubt, buy in advance online!

Q. What is the Legacy Concerts’ refund policy?

A: If the concert is cancelled, refunds will be issued via point of purchase. If the concert is postponed, there will be a window during which a refund can be obtained. Typically however, we do not provide refunds outside of those circumstances.

Q: If the website says “sold out”, can I still get tickets?

A: As of 2022 we have partnered with LYTE as our official ticket exchange. If a show is sold out, as often as possible we will create an exchange. You can sign up for the waitlist, and if more tickets are released or if another customer sells theirs, you will have an opportunity to buy a ticket. We fully back all ticket sales through LYTE, as opposed to other 3rd party exchanges.


When we list a concert as sold-out, then there are no tickets available. However on rare occasions, additional tickets get released before the event. Check our LYTE profile, email info@legacyconcerts.co or check our socials for updates.

Q: How do I contact Legacy Concerts?

A: We would love to connect via email:
General Inquiries: info@legacyconcerts.co
Booking or Media Requests: mark@legacyconcerts.co
Design and Content: brandon@legacyconcerts.co
Ticketing or Box Office: michelle@legacyconcerts.co
Please do not contact our social media pages – personal or business – for booking or business inquiries.

Q: What are the set times?

A: Check each individual show listing for specific door and show times. Typically the concert will start 30 minutes after the doors open, but each show will vary.

General rules:

  • Please arrive at the concert with your tickets, ID’s, and any other things that you will need during the show.
    Please leave backpacks and large bags in the car or at home.
  • Do not bring outside food or beverages of any kind into the venue. If the venue does not serve food, make plans to eat prior to or after the concert.
  • Do not bring any weapons of any kind into the venue. Leave all pocket knives, mace / pepper spray, knives, and guns at home or in your car. We have ample security at all of our concerts and want to create a safe space for all patrons.
  • All bags and persons are subject to search upon entry.
  • Have fun but behave respectfully at the concert with other attendees in mind; everyone wants to have a positive, safe experience!

Q: Can I take pictures at the show?

A: Each Venue and Tour will have its own policy regarding photography. In most cases, cell phone photos are encouraged (within reason) but professional cameras – especially flash photography – is only allowed with expressed consent of the Touring Acts. Please contact us beforehand to get approval or be prepared to leave your professional camera at home or in the car.

Q: Are your concerts ALL AGES?

A: Typically our concerts are All Ages, however some venues and states have other restrictions. Those under 21 may still be expected to show ID and/or attend with a guardian. They will most likely receive X’s on their hands to indicate that they are under 21, and they will be prohibited from purchasing, holding, drinking, or appearing under the influence of alcohol. Please check our venues’ websites if there is any concern and please be respectful of their rules. State and local laws vary.

Q: I have a Blog, a website, write for a paper, have a class assignment, can I cover the event?

A: Typically the artist will approve press passes, photographers, etc. Legacy Concerts is happy to receive your press request, but we will forward it along to the artist. The best bet is to contact the artists’ team directly. They will determine your eligibility for a press pass and level of access.

Q: How can my band play a show?

A: Please use the “Book Your Band” tab of our website and be patient with your inquiry. We love working with local and regional acts, but can be overwhelmed with emails at times. It may take some time to get your band booked, and you may not get to open for the band of your choice on the first try. But as the relationship grows, so will potential opportunities.